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Help us decide! 

What is the future of

North Strabane's parks?

Your input will help inform North Strabane Township's

Comprehensive Recreation, Parks and Open Space Plan!

NEW: The Community Questionnaire!

Deadline to complete the survey is Friday, April 14th

North Strabane Township is developing a master plan for its park system to ensure that parks and recreational opportunities are able to be enjoyed by residents for years to come. This plan will also develop an approach for maintaining, improving, and potentially expanding these green spaces.


This planning process will involve extensive public participation in order to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion. In addition, it will include an inventory and analysis of all recreation assets, ADA accessibility analysis, green infrastructure analysis, mapping, and an action plan. 

Running in Park
Giving a Hand
Stretching Exercises

The Parks 

North Strabane Park

North Strabane Park was opened in 2012 and is home to the following amenities:

  • McClelland Pavilion

  • McDowell Pavilion

  • Quail Acres Pavilion

  • Borland Pavilion

  • Forman's Mill Pavilion

  • A full-size synthetic turf field

  • 4 Baseball Fields

  • 3 Large Playground Areas

  • 2 Outdoor Basketball Courts

  • 18 hole Frisbee Golf Course 

Alexander Playground

Alexander Playground is located at the corner of Alexander Ave. and Selwyn St. The current amenities include a swing set and outdoor basketball court. 

Borough-owned Green Space

  • Borland Manor Parkette - Borland Manor Parkette is a 1.5 acre former community park. The parcel is currently not in use. 

  • Eighty- Four Property - The Township owns 81 acres along Route 519 in Eighty-Four, PA. The area consists of fields, streams, and forest. 

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