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About the Plan

A CRPOS Plan is a plan for the future. It involves research, public input and analysis. The Plan that evolves identifies the methods, resources, organizational capacity and capital investment needed for short- and long-term recreation and conservation goals for the community. The planning process includes inventory of existing conditions and facilities, substantial citizen involvement, analysis of issues and community needs, and specific recommendations that set forth actions, priorities and cost.

Who is involved?

A study committee was formed to meet with the planning consultant to provide guidance and review the work. Study committee members include: 

  • ​Lisa Sheehan, Chair of the Parks and Recreation Board

  • Michelle Quinn, Member of the Parks and Recreation Board

  • Matthew Cunningham, Director of Parks and Recreation

  • Emily Holmes, Elected Township Supervisor

  • Donald Progar, Community volunteer and long-time resident

  • Josh Hickman, resident, geologist, and local boy scout troop leader

  • Davis Garner, local High School student

  • Steve Glancy, Canon-Mac Youth Soccer, Past President

  • Jill Motzer, Community volunteer

Pashek+MTR, a Pittsburgh landscape architecture and community planning studio, is facilitating the planning process and developing the Plan. 

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